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The Yoga Diaries™ Submission Guidelines

Has yoga changed your life?

Do you have a unique story of healing or transformation through yoga?

Perhaps you healed a broken heart or overcame a painful divorce. Maybe you healed a physical injury or even conquered a debilitating physical limitation. Perhaps you resolved decades of unresolved emotional demons. If you’ve been trying to convince all of your friends of the transformational power of yoga, now is your chance to share your story with the world!

If you have a story of healing or transformation through yoga, we’d love to hear it! Please submit your story to Please submit your story, in your own words, rather than sending previously published articles written about you. (If you prefer to submit anonymously, that is fine, please just let us know!)

As we are receiving a high volume of submissions, please allow at least 1-2 weeks for a reply.


All submissions will be reviewed and edited as necessary by our editorial staff. We will review for typos, grammar, and overall style. Where necessary, our editors may remove redundant words, sentences, and punctuation, and at times may also rearrange the structure of the article, in order to offer the reader a more streamlined, engaging essay. If the edits are substantial, we will let you know so you can review it. We do not review the specific content or your essay to determine accuracy or whether it may contain third party materials; that is your responsibility.


Please note, your submissions will be subject to our Terms of Use. You are responsible for the content of your submissions and obtaining all necessary permissions from the owners of rights in, and the subjects of, any photos, audio, video, or other content incorporated in your submissions.


  • 500–1200 words in length is preferred.
  • Please include a title to your story.
  • A submission does not guarantee that The Yoga Diaries™ will publish it.
  • We reserve the right to edit for style as outlined above.
  • Please provide the following at the beginning of your Diary entry:
    • Name
    • Location
    • Occupation
  • Please provide a short bio at the end of the blog with links to your relevant sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, website), as well as a bio photo. (in .jpg or .png format)
  • Please provide 1-3 photos that you would like to have featured in your blog. All photos must have proper permissions: they must either be your own photos, or have an open license and proper crediting. (See photo submission guidelines below.)
  • If you prefer to submit anonymously, that is fine, please just let us know!


You can find free-to-use photos at any of the following photo sharing sites:

Please follow these simple rules when trying to select a usable photo:

  • If an image is marked “Public Domain” or “Free Use without Attribution,” no caption is necessary.
  • If an image is “Free with Attribution,” then you must provide the source and/or username of the photographer.
  • If an image is marked “All Rights Reserved” or if it instructs you to request license from a 3rd party, then the image is not free to use and you must find another.

All photos should be submitted in .jpg or .png format. (Please do not embed photos in word documents.)


If published, we suggest contributors promote their diaries and share them via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, email, newsletters, etc. Share your story of healing with the world. Also, be sure and respond to the comments on your posts, this supports the community and helps it to grow.

Please feel free to email any questions you might have to

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