Popular Diaries

Jean Merlen boat poseThe Yoga of Weight Loss

Name: Jean Merlen
Location: Dunkerque, France
Occupation: Pharmacist

One man’s story of physical transformation and dramatic weight loss through Bikram Yoga.


Rebecca Butler crow poseYoga Saved Me. More Than Once.

Name: Rebecca Butler
Location: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Occupation: Yoga Teacher, Writer & Mother

How one woman overcame a dysfunctional childhood life and later, a spree of self-destruction, including drug abuse and infidelity, through the power of yoga.


sara curry camelMind Over Back Pain

Name: Sara Curry
Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Occupation: Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner

Two herniated discs and debilitating chronic back pain: That described Sara Curry’s life until she found Bikram Yoga. Read her story of how she overcame her pain and healed her injuries through her Bikram Yoga practice.


Photo by Rick Cummings, RickPhoto.com.

The Lucky

Name: Shannon Paige Schneider
Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
Occupation: Yoga Teacher & Founder of Om Time Yoga and Anjali Restorative Yoga

“I thought about the person I was before the diagnosis, the person I became through the process of fighting the disease, and the person I could choose to become once I became committed to participating in my own survival.”~ Brave Cancer survivor, Shannon Paige, shares her powerful story.


Amber Shumake bio croppedUniting the Facets of Who I Am

Name: Amber Shumake
Location: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Occupation: Yoga Therapist / Photographer / Writer / Lover

Amber Shumake shares her powerful story of how yoga helped her to move from an abusive marriage, alcohol abuse and a suicide attempt…to a thriving life, united with the person she was meant to be.


Ella and Julie 2Yoga – The Greatest Gift

Name: Julie Peoples-Clark
Location: Burlington, Vermont, USA
Occupation: Mother, Dancer, Yoga & Dance Teacher

A beautiful story of how one woman found peace through yoga after her daughter’s tragic diagnosis of spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy.

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