Editor’s Picks

Alli Akard with baby on swing croppedThere Is No Such Thing As Paradise

Name: Alli Akard
Location: Buda, Texas, USA
Occupation: Yoga instructor / mom / adventurer

“In an instant I knew I had all the answers inside of me.” The yoga connected her deeply within her true self, but after an unexpected period of darkness disconnected her from life and her passion…it was the yoga that brought her back home. A beautiful story of overcoming hard times and finding our inner truth through yoga, by Alli Akard.


Bridget Lyons backbend natureOpen to Grace?? Are you Serious?

Name: Bridget Lyons
Location: Victor, ID, USA…or on the road teaching in the inter-mountain west!
Occupation: Yoga Teacher, Studio Owner, Blogger, Connector and Seeker

“I really wish I could pinpoint the day that transformation occurred so that I could mark it on the calendar as “my yoga anniversary.” But I can’t. Like so many shifts in life, it happened gradually, and only looking back can I identify a distinct and radical change in myself.”~ A beautiful story of moving from physical pain to spiritual transformation, by Bridget Lyons.


Dagmar beachLiving My Dream

Name: Dagmar Spremberg
Location: Montezuma, Costa Rica
Occupation: Yoga Teacher

Have you ever dreamed of moving to a distant tropical land and falling in love? One woman is living the dream and one key life lesson that helped to get her there: if you shift things first within yourself, then everything else will shift with you and around you. Please read this most inspiring story by Dagmar Spremberg.


Rachel Wolfe meditationThe Stories We Tell Ourselves

Name: Rachel Wolfe
Location: Winnetka, Illinois, USA
Occupation: Artist and Gallerist

Suffering from anxiety and depression from the time she was a child, Rachel Wolfe was then numbed by medications…until yoga found her. An inspiring story of overcoming adversity and freeing oneself from the chains of depression, in order to find peace and harmony within.


Nick Montoya tree poseAgeless

Name: Nick Montoya
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Occupation: Yoga Teacher, Corporate Trainer, Author, Speaker & Father.

Nick Montoya was once loaded up on prescription drugs with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. His doctor described him as a “walking time bomb.” Today, he is 55 years young and he shares with us how he turned his health around, became a full-time yoga teacher, and how he became… “ageless.”


paulina dancing warriorThe Dance of Breath

Name: Paulina Julián
Location: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Yoga and Spanish Instructor, Writer, Life-long Student

When ballerina Paulina Julián suddenly injured her Achilles tendon, she knew her dancing career was forever changed in an instant. She shares with us a beautiful story of overcoming adversity in life.

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