Let’s Help a Fellow Yogini in Need

I had the pleasure of connecting with Ashley Zuberi (formerly Herzberger) just about three years ago when she wrote a beautiful essay for The Yoga Diaries about how her yoga practice allowed her to find her true path as a yoga teacher. Her story was titled How Yoga Saved Me From the Worst Mistake I Didn’t Make and it was so compelling that it went on to be published in the print version of The Yoga Diaries. After changing her own life in so many positive ways, Ashley became a yoga teacher and has gone on to bring light and healing to the lives of so many others.

In the years that followed, Ashley went on to marry the love of her life, a dedicated F-16 Fighter Pilot in the District of Columbia Air National Guard, responsible for protecting America’s capital. The young couple then achieved the American Dream of purchasing their own home. And here’s where the story turns very sour. Due to the greed of others, they have been the victims of very serious real estate fraud and now find themselves homeless and in dire financial straits.

Ashley (and her husband) has been of service to so many others over the years and, despite the terrible situation she finds herself in, Ashley continues to be a positive force for good in the world. Now it’s our turn to give back to her.

I’d like to call on The Yoga Diaries’ community to be of service to Ashley and her husband. Please read the full story and consider donating here:


Ashley and her husbandWith Gratitude,

Jeannie Page



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