YOGAMOMS… Where Karma Meets Drama

Name: Carla Berkowitz
Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Occupation: Yoga Teacher & Producer

Editor’s Note- Today’s Yoga Diary will take a slightly different variation on a theme from our previous entries. Miami-based yoga teacher and producer, Carla Berkowitz, has been collecting stories of transformation and healing through yoga from within her own yoga community. She is producing and presenting these stories in a web series titled YOGAMOMS. In an effort to continue to spread the word about the healing power of yoga, we present to you an introduction to Carla’s work.

Follow the journey of modern-day yogis as they live their lives, all the while trying to reach enlightenment! On YOGAMOMS, we’ll be chronicling Miami yogis as they navigate the tricky balance between material and spiritual, at the same time trying to stay centered. With many of the yogis having had difficult challenges at some point in their lives, they all found that yoga was the road back to physical discipline, mental clarity and turning the most difficult challenges into opportunities to master.

Yoga comes in many forms and styles, however, they all have one thing in common: the ability to combat the stress of any situation, whether it be previously destructive lives, divorces from abusive husbands, or not so dramatic situations as simply wanting to tap into one’s intuition or spirit. YOGAMOMS deals with work, family, love and drama. When they leave the studio is when the real challenge comes…to stay centered and graceful in the real world and to practice off the mat what they have learned in their “practice” on the mat.

Carla Berkowitz is a Yoga Teacher, an Audio Engineer and Music Producer and she has Produced 11 fitness DVDs, 3 of which are APPS. Her classes offer a “Music Driven” yoga experience: Lose your mind… but find yourself in it. Carla believes that the combination of yoga, breathing and meditation pumps the creativity, balances the body and strengthens the power of your mind. Carla’s classes specialize in balancing our opposing energies by turning obstacles into opportunities. 

Do you have a story of healing or transformation through yoga? The Yoga Diaries wants to hear it. Click here to submit your story.

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